Thursday, July 11, 2013

“Going Beyond Disease management” - Workshop on Doctor – Patient Relationship in the Modern Context

Course modules
Building concept of Doctor – Patient Relationship
Doctor as a Councillor
Communication and Empathy
Understanding Patient Behavior
Physician Leadership

The participants would be benefited in following areas:

  • Understand Patient Perception.
  • Learn the intricacies of Communication and Counseling.
  • Learn leadership traits & tips for marketing medical practice.

Duration: One day workshop.

Workshop methodology: The course will be delivered using a variety of methods including interactive lectures, case studies, group discussions and presentations.

Contact for further details:

Dr. Shalini Ratan, MD
Founder and Chief Knowledge Facilitator
Nirvan Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd.
Mumbai - 400101

Thursday, July 4, 2013

“Going Beyond Dentistry”: A workshop on Dentist – Patient Relationship, 7th April, 2013

Workshop conducted for Indian Dental Association, Kolhapur Branch.

Modules covered: Changing face of Healthcare, Gene Next Dentists, Dentist -Patient Relationship, Dentist -Patient Communication, Understand your SELF.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Workshop on Doctor-Patient Relationship conducted for Medical Students at DY Patil Medical College, Pune on 5th April, 2012….A Success..!!

Nirvan Life Sciences in collaboration with Indian Medical Student Association (IMSA) conducted an Experiential Workshop on Doctor-Patient Relationship for the medical students. It was a new experience for the students to attend a live workshop with an experiential learning.

It helped the students:
• to think beyond just a disease and become patient centric.
• learn that every patient is Unique.
• do self introspection and look into their own potentialities.

Few of their comments were:
• A very good experience
• Looking forward for more sessions
• Extremely helpful

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

NIRVAN - Creative Link between Science and Strategy

Empowering Healthcare Business Knowledge and Practice

We are the outsourced knowledge facilitators for healthcare organizations and professionals by acting as their strategists and executors. We facilitate medical marketing and brand building initiatives.

We provide relevant knowledge and training required to upgrade the practices and scientific content development of healthcare organizations and professionals.

Services for Healthcare Professionals

Managing practice is the “New Mantra” for success.

NIRVAN has initiated a series of workshops for training the medical professionals in the following areas:
1. Medico – Marketing tools to build medical practice.
2. Effective Doctor-Patient Relationship.
3. Essential soft skills requirement in relationship focused profession.

Services for Healthcare Organizations

Medical Marketing in Healthcare Sector - Pharmaceuticals, Diagnostics, IT- Healthcare, Consumer Healthcare, Medical Device and equipments, Medical Practitioners, Others areas – Stem cells, Genetics, Research, hospitals etc.

• Scientific Knowledge Facilitator
• Creative Medical Concept Development
• A 21st Century View of the Healthcare "Customer Relationship”
• Scientific Sales and Marketing Facilitator
• Design and Event Facilitator
• Simplified Scientific / Sales & Marketing training

We provide – Healthcare Consultancy, Scientific promotional and educational literature, Scientific website content, Scientific meeting facilitation, Patient awareness programs, Key Opinion Leader advocacy, Doctor retention programs, Scientific / Sales and Marketing training, Management and soft skill workshops for medical professionals.

For further details contact:

Monday, July 12, 2010

Managing Patients and Practice - WORKSHOP PROFILE

NIRVAN has initiated the project of training doctors in the following areas:

1. Effective Doctor-Patient Relationship
2. Essential soft skills requirement in relationship focused profession
3. Medico – Marketing tools to build medical practice.

Goals of the workshop
  • To enhance ability to apply different approaches to handle relationship with their patients.
  • To equip the participants with the soft skills to handle their patients and practice effectively.
  • To equip the participants with a strong background in the basic principles of medical practice management.
  • To help participants to become familiar with the language of Healthcare marketing.
  • To manage team of doctors, nurses and support staff for enhanced productivity.
  • To maintain harmony in professional and personal life.

Workshop Methodology: The course will be delivered using a variety of methods including interactive lectures, case studies, group discussions and presentations.

For details please contact:

Dr. Shalini Ratan, MD

Founder and Chief Knowledge Facilitator

Nirvan Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd.

Mumbai - 400101

M – 9820218176






Thursday, July 1, 2010

Evolving role of Doctors: CLINICIANS TO MANAGERS

Enhancing Doctor - Patient Relationship is an area of importance today. There is a need of empowering and engaging patients in the technology driven era which largely depends on the doctors.

Medical Practice Management systems should be adopted by doctors to excel in today's competitive world. A doctor is one who after the completion of his degree has no campus selection, only MBBS is not sufficient for him/her, no formal training in management and less pay scale in hospitals. Then without any training of how to run business he starts a Clinic. A doctor is not suppose to market his practice to inform people about his existence becoz it is considered to be unethical. Therefore many students after MBBS are now joining management. This changes their line from a practitioner to a corporate manager. But what about those doctors who want to practice ?? This was the basic idea for them to become doctors. With so many corporate hospitals coming up what will happen to individual practitioners if their outlook is not changed to upgrade with time.

Teaching of soft skills is lacking in the medical curriculum. Doctors are made aware of the latest in medicine but not necessarily the latest in Healthcare.

There are various management courses like Healthcare management, Hospital management, Pharmaceutical management and many more.Should not there be Patient Relationship Management teachings in the medical schools and also Medical Practice Managememnt courses in B schools ???

Our company NIRVAN Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd. has taken a small step to reach out to doctors conducting workshops to make them learn, understand and create awareness about these latent needs.